Why do I need a filter and do I need to buy one?

The light filter for elopement pictures, as the name implies, filters out part of the “extra” spectrum of light rays – ultraviolet (UV) absorbs most of the UV radiation and makes the sky bluer and less cyanide, polarizing (PL or CPL) absorbs polarized light and removes some of the glare on the water to make it transparent and also make the sky even bluer. There are simple protective filters that simply prevent the front lens of the lens from scratching (this causes the presentation to be lost) – in practice, it is customary to buy a regular UV as it, and it is recommended to select the filter class for the lens class: for inexpensive ones, Kenko, Sigma, Marumi are suitable, for expensive ones (from $1000) B+W or Hoya is recommended. The need for a filter is a religious matter, we simply recommend, and strongly, to absolutely all beginner and intermediate level photographers, anything can happen in life.