SLR flash

In photography, a lot depends on the lighting. Lighting can be natural, for example, during the day on the street or light from a window indoors during the day. Also, lighting can be artificial – it can be light from a chandelier, from a lantern, and from anything. But if there is not enough light for a normal exposure, then you need to use a flash.

The flash built into the CZK has one significant drawback: it cannot be directed at the ceiling or wall. When shooting art, never point the flash at the face, it spoils the photo.

Head-on flash is used only for fast reportage shooting, when there is no time to bother with lighting.

For artistic photos, you need to purchase an external flash. An external flash can be directed not at a face, but at a white ceiling or a white wall, or at a special reflector. The light, reflected, hits the face and becomes much softer, so the photo will turn out to be more voluminous.

Professionals in artistic photography use various reflectors, diffusers, softboxes, and several flashes at the same time. Exposing and adjusting light in photography is a whole art, you can only learn with experience.